Territory Youth Leadership Summit

Are you passionate about turning your ideas for social change into reality? 


We are seeking out the Territory's most up-and-coming young people who wish to gain the know how to lead their own projects.

Click here to watch the video from the 2015 Summit.

What is the Youth Leadership Summit?

This summit, the only one of its kind in the Northern Territory, will unite enthusiastic young leaders with a passion for creating positive change. This will be your opportunity to voice issues facing young people and develop project ideas to bring about a better Territory for youth.  


By participating at this jam-packed weekend, you will:


Who are we looking for?


If this sounds like you...

We invite you to tell us your story explaining the following:


You can submit your entries through writing (no more than 200 words) or video* (no more than 3 minutes).


*To submit a video entry: upload your video online (eg. Youtube, Vimeo, etc), set the privacy setting to 'Unlisted,' and paste the link on the application form.

Kaleidoscope Past Projects Frequently Asked Questions
Projects that came out of previous Summits
  • The Art in Earth Project
    by Christine Gardiner
    The eARTh Art Project is a series of art workshops (using a variety of media) aiming to bring out the greatness of art in the community. The first workshop held was an aerosol arts workshop which saw the MyNT Bus getting a makeover!
    If you're interested to see what other workshops they'll hold, check out their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/eARThartproject

  • IMG_3840.JPG
    Young Justice League NT
    by Krshna Capaque and Micki Teng
    Young Justice League NT is a series of interactive workshops and a mock trial involving young people around Darwin. Run over a 2-day period during the June school holidays (2014), it aims to educate young people about the Australian legal system, their legal rights and court procedures through workshops run by mentors from the legal profession. The program included excursions to the Magistrates and Supreme Court. During the second day, participants were allocated to groups (judge, prosecutor, defence and jurors) and were engaged in a mock trial with assistance from mentors.

  • Shout Out Youth Mental Health
    Shout Out: Youth Mental Health
    by Pritika Desai
    Shout Out! is a youth led open-mic event for young people, focusing on different areas of mental health including Depression, Anxiety, and Suicide. This event was held as part of National Youth Week 2014 at Charles Darwin University and provided a safe space for young people to talk about the different issues they've faced and suggestions on how to get through them. The team can be found on Facebook in https://www.facebook.com/ShoutOutDarwin

  • Default image
    Bringing the World Back Home
    by Kae Jenn Tchia  
    This event was ran in March 2013 and 2014, to coincide with Harmony Week. So far, it has brought together 120 middle school students to experience and celebrate a range of different cultures through shared activities. On both occasions, it's been held at Charles Darwin University and was supported by a range of volunteers and community organisations.

  • Matt.jpg
    Shipwreck Skatepark Competition
    by Matthew Rehrmann
    Held during National Youth Week 2013, Matt held a competition for all ages at Leanyer skate park. With different categories like scooters, skateboards, and BMX, along with a BBQ, there were plenty of fun that's been had by everyone. But this is only a stepping stone for Matt and a way to gather supporters. His real goal is to have an indoor skate park built in Darwin so that young skaters like him will still have somewhere to go to even when the Wet season hits and he is determined to make it happen.

  • fashion.jpg
    Youth Fashion Show
    by Deshan Cheliah
    Working alongside the Down Syndrome Association of the NT, Deshan organised this event for National Youth Week 2013. It was a massive hit at the Darwin Entertainment Centre as crowds of people found the confidence and artistic abilities of the participants beautiful and inspiring.

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Kaleidoscope Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm interested in applying and developing my leadership skills but I have no solid idea yet.


We're not looking for solid ideas at this stage. Our job at Kaleidoscope is to help you shape your idea so you'll be able to pitch it to future partners/sponsors. What we're looking for is an issue that you're passionate about and some idea of what you want to see in the future that could potentially fix the issue.


For example: "I'm really interested in learning more about the law and it worries me that a lot of young people in Australia don't really understand how the legal system works. I'd like to develop a program that would help them understand their rights and responsibilities as a citizen."


Even if you have no idea yet how that 'program' would look like OR you have multiple ideas in your head, that's ok. We'll help you make a solid plan during Kaleidoscope.



2. Does the idea have to be around multiculturalism or youth?


No. The idea or issue could be about anything, as long as you strongly believe that it is important to your community. In the past, we've had projects related to arts, sports, legal education, and others.



3. I'm over 25 but under 30, can I still apply?


We will assess this on a case-by-case basis. Our workshops are designed for young people who haven't had any experience implementing/managing a community project. Put in your application how you think you would benefit from the skills that will be taught during Kaleidoscope. Generally, we find that people over 25 years old already have lots of experience from work or other volunteering activity, which is why they might not find the workshops as helpful.


Unfortunately, 30 years is the maximum age we can accept as Kaleidoscope is targeted towards young people. 



4. Do you accept late applications?


We will only extend the due date for applications if we receive requests before 20 August to extend it. So if you are interested but won't be able to submit your application on time, please email us (chair.mynt@gmail.com) in advance.

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